Land Management

We believe that oil and gas land software should work the way your companies does. Whether it’s negotiating a contract, accessing accurate lease and contract information, or keeping ownership information up to date, a great deal of your business requires efficient lease management. BOLO Land tames the most complex land management data scenarios and eliminates the pitfalls that hamper your productivity and effectiveness.

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Upstream oil and gas companies have traditionally been eager to embrace new technologies in the field. Only recently have they adopted solutions that create efficiencies in back office processes. Our BOLO Land software can be the catalyst for change in operations that will help your business not just grow, but thrive. 



Everything starts with the lease, but managing leases is anything but simple. BOLO boosts efficiency by enabling you to quickly input leases and to share information. Updates to ownership changes, termination data, and remarks are made by applying mass change functionality. Of course, BOLO allows you to configure data setup requirements to meet your business needs.


Good decisions start with good information. BOLO Contracts give you actionable information to better manage your business by putting the contractual information you need at your fingertips. Our solution is designed to streamline cross-referencing, manage contracts by type (JOAs, purchase and sales agreements, farm-ins, farm-outs, unit agreements) and track contracts subject to payout provisions. It automates monthly contract obligation reviews to ensure proper attention to important provisions and meet drilling schedules.

Division of Interest

Joint ownership makes oil and gas one of the most complex industries to account for. Inequality amongst and changes in owners compounds the challenge. BOLO creates one deck that manages all ownership changes and marketing arrangements. It simplifies distribution for split streams by automatically evaluating contract participation to derive distribution requirements.

GIS Mapping Integration

BOLO Land offers full, seamless integration to P2 GIS. With access to this data, you can update map information in real-time as well as easily create textual and spatial map displays.