Every transaction in the oil and gas business is unique. Unquestionable accuracy, flexibility, and scalability are requisites to reaping full value from your accounting software. BOLO Accounting applications automate complex, time-consuming processes, are intuitively easy to use, and configure to meet your business requirements. Finding efficiencies in back-end operations improves your bottom line and maximizes departmental productivity and return on your software investment.

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BOLO - Accounting


Oil & Gas Accounting Software Built For Your Business. BOLO Accounting includes all the tools and extensibility you need to efficiently record and manage your business while allowing information to flow seamlessly throughout the enterprise.


Revenue Accounting, Allocation, & Valuation

Complex pricing and ownership scenarios can make accurate and timely revenue distribution difficult. BOLO automates the process to ensure best use of working capital and calculates revenue receipts to validate purchases.

Budgeting & Forecasting

You need to work within tight profit margins and respond to increasing pressure to maximize shareholder return on investment. BOLO Accounting helps you manage capital and operational costs as well as forecast each project’s revenue potential.

Compliance Reporting

Reducing risk and regulatory compliance is especially difficult for rapidly growing oil and gas enterprises. BOLO helps you consolidate records and access multiple regulatory overlays, produce compliance reports as required, and keep your team abreast of all the regulatory areas of impact.

Treasury Management

Cash flows in and out of oil and gas companies are at record levels. From punctual recordings of cash receipts to well-timed, precise cash disbursement, BOLO manages cash and provides the business intelligence you need to make sound, informed decisions.

Joint Billing

Virtually every oil play involves multiple parties and frequent changes in ownership. BOLO automates billing to improve cash flow and operational efficiencies. Plus, it tracks ownership changes, executes cost allocations among wells and owners, and schedules accounts receivables collection.

General Ledger

Accounts payable and receivable activities are the heart of your enterprise’s cash flow. The P2 BOLO Accounting application includes functionality for reliable disbursement control of and real-time tracking of all monies owed.