Smart growth depends on making sure all the gears driving your business perfectly mesh. Keeping pace with the changes that come every day – acquisitions and divestitures, shifting regulatory requirements and new data sets – calls for a flexible solution that adapts to your operator requirements and automates business processes.



BOLO is an accounting, land, and operations on-premise software solution for the oil and gas industry. BOLO handles accounting, production and operations, land and lease management, compliance and audit, and tax and asset management for mid-tier U.S. E&P companies. Leveraging an unparalleled depth of energy industry knowledge and expertise, BOLO is designed to simplify daily finance and operations functions.



Shared ownership and joint ventures create special challenges for oil and gas accounting. BOLO’s Accounting Module features a dashboard that gives you full visibility into revenue accounting, allocation and valuation, accounts payable/receivable, joint interest billing, multi-currency accounting, and much more.

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Asset & Tax Management

Superior asset management can make a meaningful difference in project profitability. BOLO Asset and Tax Management reduces the risks inherent in tracking assets at producing and non-producing properties and calculating DD&A (Depletion, Depreciation and Amortization).

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Compliance & Audit

Compliance is simply a fact of life in the oil and gas business. With BOLO Compliance and Audit module, you work through an intuitive portal to track data back to the original source of any transaction and retrieve a complete, accurate history of all financial activities.

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Land Management

Land management impacts every oil and gas project. BOLO Land provides complete land management capabilities. Fully configurable to your business requirements, BOLO Land gives you a comprehensive, single view of leases, contracts, wells and divisions-of-interest information.

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Tracking production volumes is imperative to business agility and smart decisions. BOLO Production's seamless approach to production tracking enables you to record a volume once and have it flow through your ERP system, meeting the needs of production, revenue accounting, and compliance reporting.

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Conforms to your unique and changing needs.


Manages hundreds or tens of thousands of properties as you grow.

Easily Integrate

Integrates to internal ERP systems and third-party solutions.

Easy To Use

Elevates accounting and productivity immediately while cutting IT’s burden to reduce operational expenses & TCO.