P2 AFE helps you expedite the AFE creation and approval process and control project overspend by providing instant visibility into what you spend on each project.

P2 AFE’s highly flexible, mobile-accessible, and fully auditable approval workflow tools allow for minimal administration of authorizations for expenditure approvals and balloting. Out-of-the-box, two-way integration with P2’s accounting solutions enables the smooth flow of data that is consistent across the organization. P2 AFE can also integrate with third-party drilling and completions applications.


Create AFEs

Easily create AFEs using a single point of entry, leveraging templates to speed up the process and ensure the accuracy of all your AFEs.

Route and Approve AFEs

Using flexible approval templates, easily manage the routing and approving process to notify stakeholders via email using approval limits. P2 AFE also has the capability to ballot external working interest owners.

Manage AFEs via Dashboards

Dashboards allow budgeted amounts to be effortlessly compared to field estimates to help you manage AFEs to control spend and easily know where each AFE is in its life cycle. 

Integration with P2's Accounting Solutions

P2 AFE is an extension of P2’s accounting solutions, which ensure accurate master data and single point of entry for data. This means there is no difference between what an accountant sees and what an engineer/AFE user sees while managing AFEs.

Why P2 AFE?

ACCELERATES and simplifies the process of creating and approving AFEs to get your project started faster


PROVIDES visibility into your capital spend to control overspending on your expense AFEs


TRACKS field estimates and actual costs and compares them against AFE budgets in real time to quickly identify variances

GENERATES out of the box AFE costs, variances, trends, budgets, or master data reports


DIGITIZES AFEs - approvals and balloting - with Windows, iOS, or Andriod mobile devices


REDUCES the time taken to create and manage AFE workflows, allowing more time to focus on the project

P2 AFE Features

P2 AFE's dashboards allow users to see their budgets, field estimates, and actuals in a user friendly way

The mobile-friendly approval process allows users and working interest partners to sign in, review, and approve

Email notifications containing all relevant and related papers are automatically sent to reviewers, approvers, and stakeholders

P2 AFE is one centralized location to keep all AFE data, with user-friendly search capabilities

Using templates and copying capability, speed up the creation of AFEs and save time by not recreating the same things

A host of powerful reports provides users invaluable visibility into projects' expenditures

P2 AFE users have delegation of authority embedded right in the application for all reviewing and approving needs

P2 AFE will send email reminder notifications to partners to review, plus send their consent to move forward

Security is managed via permissions and roles – users are assigned to specific areas or business units so they only have access to that data


The P2 AFE Team