P2® A-Plus

Availability and Loss Detection, Allocation, Analysis, and Reporting P2 A-Plus is a web-based solution for operations and management personnel to capture, validate, approve and analyse production loss and downtime/utilisation data. It provides the capability and tools to effectively manage production loss and availability and facilitates the detection, allocation, analysis and reporting on loss and availability events that occur in the production environment.

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Event Detection

P2 A-Plus records production availability and loss in the form of events. Events are usually detected automatically from external systems and P2 Server via a plug-in interface. Users will see events appear from these systems and can validate and approve them. Events can also be recorded manually using a simple wizard-based data entry interface. Automatic event detection reduces the need to manually create events; users then only have to add further information to the events.

Root Cause Analysis

Using the A-Plus Administration tool, an administration user can create a fully customised Allocation Model for loss events and availability events. You can create any number of causes, reasons, quantities, and departments, and make them available to selected equipment types. You can add further time usages to the default Planned and Unplanned, and you can also add to the default units. For all of these definitions, you can assign them to equipment types and events.

Losses & Utilization

Events can be refined after root cause analysis, and split into multiple smaller events as it becomes clearer what contributed to the loss or availability. When the event is split, you can allocate quantity values to multiple departments, equipment, shifts, and other custom-defined causes or reasons. This makes it easy to tailor downtime or loss accounting according to financial and contractual business rules. 

Data Dictionary Interface

P2 A-Plus can get equipment data from any external system connected to P2 Server, to monitor for loss and availability and source downtime quantities from any P2 Server tag. The Data Dictionary is used to organise equipment into hierarchies, and templates are used to provide automatic allocation of event fields, such as Cause and Reason. At the click of a button, users can also view a P2 Explorer trend of a tag associated with an event. 

Accounting Loss for Multiple Products

When you allocate a quantity to an event, you may also be interested in breaking that quantity down for a more refined allocation. For example, you could have a quantity called Output that represents the total output of an asset. You can create additional quantities for the products and add them together, applying equivalent units, to get the total output. 


Production Process Improvement

Improvement of the production process, through the identification of primary causes of loss and downtime, which leads to opportunities for improvement and focuses maintenance spending where it is most valuable


Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Comprehensive reporting tools, enabling analysis using varying levels of granularity


Reduced Data Entry

Reduced data entry, due to automatic event detection. Users only have to add information to events, rather than having to create events


Loss Identification

Clearly identifies loss via a comparison of planned and actual production, and the detailed accounting for the difference between the two