Announcing P2 Land Broker: Leveraging the Power of Mobile to Simplify Lease Acquisitions


New solution empowers oil and gas land departments with 1-click lease record management

MONTREAL, QC – (June 24, 2014) – P2 Energy Solutions (P2) today announced at the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) 60th Annual Meeting the release of P2 Land Broker, a game-changing mobile solution that lets oil and gas companies accelerate their acquisition of prime leases in coveted shale plays.

P2 Land Broker is the only solution that creates a real-time connection between land brokers in the field and land teams in the back office via mobile devices. As a result, oil and gas companies can:

  • Increase their land speed through quicker assembly of parcels, faster cycle time from first contact to lease record approval and reduced data entry in the back office.
  • Improve their bottom line via tighter management of cost per acre and leasing budgets.
  • Bolster their competitive intelligence through real-time mapping and Net Revenue Interest (NRI) analysis.

P2 Land Broker helps upstream organizations address the leasing challenges created by unconventional shale plays, including shorter lease terms, more mineral owners and complex leasing depths. With P2 Land Broker, lease information needs to be keyed in just once – by the broker in the field, and the information is immediately routed to the company's land system to be reviewed and approved by the lease analysts. Lease data no longer needs to be entered multiple times by multiple people, nor do brokers have to return to the back office to deliver all of the physical lease documents.

As brokers submit leases, teams in the back office can better ensure their leasing instructions – where to buy, max spend per acre, what lease terms to pursue – are being followed. Once approved, the leases appear right away on P2 Land Broker's embedded map, showing leasehold position relative to the competition, which leases contain Pugh Clauses, expiration dates and more. This level of clarity and detail enables teams to make the best business decisions and avoid costly errors.

"This release is very exciting because it dramatically streamlines the way lease acquisitions are done for our customers," said Andy Bane, P2's Senior Vice President of Product Management & Marketing. "By extending the land office to the mobile lease broker, P2 Land Broker enables everyone to see the same information, empowering oil and gas teams to improve their performance and get the most out of their investments."

For those interested in seeing the solution perform live, P2 Land Broker will be on display at Booth 2 throughout the AAPL Annual Meeting.

In addition, P2's Chief Operating Officer Amy Zupon will present a P2 Land Broker case study titled "Land Grabs in the Digital Age" at SAP's Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference on Sept. 18 at the Hilton Americas-Houston.

For more information about P2 Land Broker and P2's land management solutions, please visit

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