Mining Production Solutions

Mining Production Solutions for Resource Professionals. In today's demand-based mining environment, time-to-market is paramount. Companies are under pressure to rapidly establish operations, improve throughput, and deliver predicted grade quality. They're also looking to maximise labour resources and improve efficiency by streamlining communications, collaboration and work management. By managing and automating essential business processes, P2's Production Solutions can help your mining company do all this and more, maximising the effectiveness of your supply chain from the pit to the ship.

An Integrated Solution for Operations Management -
Mining, Metals and Minerals


P2 thinks differently about technology. We break down the constraints of the silo-effect to create a collaborative work environment with embedded intelligence that offers streamlined ROI delivery,
plus is ‘fit for purpose’, and flexible in execution.

The Solution

P2 Production Solutions is an industry-proven operations management platform designed for the effective management of production data. It provides operational visibility and alerts from across the entire operation enabling teams to make vital decisions backed by meaningful and accessible data.


Operational Intelligence

  • Integration with existing systems

  • Digital twin

  • Performance calculations

  • Integrated diagnostics and analysis

  • Exception-based
    surveillance and notifications

  • Support subject matter experts with business
    and tacit knowledge


Work Management

  • Forms engine

  • Workflows

  • Integrated business

  • Cross team collaboration

  • Ensures focus and
    prioritization of tasks is right




Modules and Solutions

  • Line of business modules

  • Preconfigured solution

  • Quick time to value

  • Increase production, reduce
    downtime, reduce risk

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Aligned with industry
    standards and best practices




Mobile Field Forms and Data Capture

Field data capture and operations management solution with mobile capabilities. Capture and validate measurement data then integrate that information with SCADA and other data sources to perform industry-standard calculations, capture images and collaborate across disciplines and departments.






Delay and Loss Accounting

Detection, allocation, analysis and reporting on loss and availability events in the production environment.






Logbooks and Handover

Comprehensive operations collaboration environment used to capture, manage, hand over and communicate mission-critical information.






Environmental and Emissions Accounting

Capture, validate and account for environmental and emissions data to satisfy business planning and regulatory reporting requirements.






Why P2 for Your Production Solutions?

Lower Operational Expenses

Empower your engineers to
efficiently manage a larger
portfolio of assets.

Increase Production

Quickly identify underperforming assets to reduce downtime and restore production to optimal levels.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Drive efficiency and reduce errors and redundant work with integrated workflows and collaboration tools.