Partner Relationship Management

It’s difficult to imagine multi-national operations that don’t include multiple partners. And the bottom line is you have any competitors; being a great partner is one special characteristic to your success and growth. IDEAS software helps you create the experience you need to provide superior partner relationship management, including joint interest billing, authorization for expenditure, and partner accounts receivable.


Joint Interest Billing

Multiple parties are involved with virtually every energy project, which can create a very complex billing scenario. IDEAS integrates with transactions flowing from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management and General Ledger systems. Other features enable accurate division of interest calculation, automatic overhead payment and invoicing and customized reporting.

Authorization for Expenditure

Control your capital budgets and expenditures. The AFE system facilitates the allotment and approval of funds for projects and provides an effective cost-control mechanism through subsequent comparative reporting of estimated versus actual costs.

Partner Accounts Receivable

Making the exchange of money a smooth, timely and stress-free process is essential to superior partner relationships. IDEAS prepares final JIB invoices with detail of all transactions and cost category totals for working interest owners. Other capabilities include joint interest billing in multiple currencies and the option to bill each partner in their own currency.


Purpose Specific Solution

Partner Relationship Management is a purpose-specific solution for international and multi-national joint venture operations management. 

Decades of Experience

Embedding decades of experience and best practices, be the preferred partner.