Business Intelligence

Analyzing big data and using it to make quick, intelligent business decisions is a must in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Doing so is extremely difficult if the right systems are not in place. P2 IDEAS generates the reports you need to understand all the expenses, the revenue generated, and the disposition of assets related to every project, at any level of detail. And because it’s compatible with virtually all popular BI software packages, you can import data from P2 Financial Management into your existing systems.


Visual Report Writer

Business agility is directly related to visibility into key indicators. P2’s Visual Report Writer transforms the flood of data moving through your enterprise, so you can chart key performance indicators, scorecards and operations in real time. Hierarchical reporting structures display multiple views of the data, including specialized charts of accounts, different organizational structures and “what-if” scenarios.

Electronic Report Distribution

From a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance perspective, CEOs and CFOs need Business Intelligence to provide them information from various data sources so they can determine “a single version of truth” and sign off on their company's financial statements. Beyond regulatory reporting, Electronic Report Distribution facilitates sharing reports inside your enterprise and with your business partners.


Real Time Business Management

Operations Perspective

Each role in the company calls for a different perspective on operations. In fact, there’s so many possibilities that people often opt for training to get the most value from their solution.


Whether you’re a well manager, procurement specialist or CEO, Business Intelligence can produce the report you need to excel in your job.