Case Studies

The most important thing that defines us at P2 is our commitment to our customers and their success. Capturing their unique stories and sharing them is important as they allow future customers to understand how P2 solutions and products really work. These accounts depict everyday issues and situations that are resolved and optimized through the use of P2 applications. 

Case Study Resources

P2 Merrick

After implementing P2 Merrick, this top 10 U.S. oil and gas producer maximized the accuracy and speed of forecasting revenue accruals and reconciling volumes, significantly helping improve overall business performance.

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P2 iLandMan

After implementing P2 iLandMan, this independent oil and natural gas company succeeded in managing all leases and contracts in a one-day period with no backlog. The software has brought on efficiencies, faster data entry, and more real-time, accurate land maps.

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After implementing P2 BOLO, this growing E&P company in Midland, Texas provided their accountants a stable environment from which to work and enabled them to provide a higher level of service to other departments within the organization using best-in-class accounting software.

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P2 Excalibur

After implementing P2 Excalibur, this E&P company with annual revenue of $100M experienced immense savings: P2 Excalibur reduced the financial and operational audit prep time from one week to 1.5 days and improved the productivity of JIB processes by 75%.

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