What Is The P2 Way?

The P2 Way

P2's 5 core beliefs were born out of a grassroots, employee-driven effort

At P2 we define our culture by The P2 Way. What is it? It’s a set of 5 belief statements about how we interact with our employees and customers. A lot of companies have belief statements, but they don’t always back up their beliefs with their culture and work environment – here at P2 we do!

Last fall, The P2 Way was rolled out across all locations and functional areas of the organization. How did we come up with The P2 Way? We didn’t just come up with words that sounded good, but actually listened to employees’ opinions through multiple focus groups across all office locations. Everyone was involved in this grassroots effort to redefine and revitalize our culture. It is evident by employees being excited to nominate their colleagues for P2 Way awards. During Q1 and Q2 of this fiscal year 277 nominations have been submitted! Employees now get rewarded through recognition and gift cards when they exhibit The P2 Way on a daily basis.

P2’s core beliefs are: 

  • Always be learning
  • When in doubt, talk it out
  • Show up and follow up
  • Create positive energy
  • Think beyond

These beliefs are central to who we are and what we aim to achieve at P2 each and every day. We are looking for people who are inquisitive, communicative, dependable, positive, and creative. We take The P2 Way very seriously and we hire candidates based on who we feel will live up to these values. 

Are you wondering how exactly P2 embraces these beliefs? Below are just a few examples of how P2 encourages employees to live up to The P2 Way.

To facilitate think(ing) beyond every year P2 hosts a Hack-A-Thon, a three-day contest for employees in our Development group to come up with new and innovative software solutions. Everyone in the office can participate and is encouraged to submit/develop prototype ideas. Teams present their solutions to the Leadership team and winners are chosen. 

As part of our way to facilitate “always be learning employees are encouraged to pursue certifications and cross-functional training. Plus we offer tuition reimbursement because we strongly believe in this and want to facilitate both personal and professional development and advancement. 

Here at P2 we also have several committees that employees can join to help “create positive energy – Sports, Social, and Community Service. Everyone knows that culture in the workplace can drive satisfaction within your job, but who knew that building culture could actually be fun? With the creation of volunteer-based committees, P2 employees plan office-wide events focused on promoting comradery, building community, and making P2 a fun place to work. 

The P2 Way is how we live and breathe in this company. These beliefs help facilitate a great atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work. If you have what it takes to live by The P2 Way apply at www.p2energysolutions.com/careers today!

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