Top 5 Reasons P2 Workflow is a Smart Investment for Your Oil and Gas Biz


Do any of these time-wasting inefficiencies sound familiar?

  • Getting a lot of your work tied up in email chains
  • Maintaining data in multiple systems because there is no integration
  • Coming to the realization that repetitive tasks pretty much consume your workday

If you answered yes, it might be time to switch things up. Have you considered an automated workflow tool? Using one can alleviate the manual, repetitive tasks and workarounds to help you get things done faster, plus it can be a smart choice over buying new software if budget is limited. The right workflow can provide immediate value with little configuration and cost.

Complete the short form below, and watch our webinar that talks about the benefits of employing automated workflows. You’ll hear from P2 experts, as well as our partners at ProcessMaker, about making work in upstream oil and gas simpler and smarter.


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