The Benefit of Replacing Manual Processes with Workflow Automation

The Benefit of Replacing Manual Processes with Workflow Automation

Is your back office tied up in tasks that take away from their core responsibilities? Are they spending hours sifting through spreadsheets in search of information only to find errors in data? Leave those days behind with an automated process from P2 Workflow.

In this OilVoice article, “Upstream Success Story: Boosting Operational and Back Officer Efficiency with Workflow Automation,” a leading mid-cap U.S. producer was able to:

  • Reduce their material transfer process time by over 50%
  • Use automation to nearly eliminate discrepancies in and the need for month-end reconciliation
  • Visualize the status of each transfer, generate reports in real-time, and gain a clear, searchable audit trail

Take a look at the infographic below to learn how P2 Workflow can boost your oil and gas organization’s back-office productivity by 50%, and so much more!

Material Transfer Workflow Infographic

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