Setting the Record Straight: P2 iLandMan

Setting the Record Straight: P2 iLandMan

An article was recently published comparing oil and gas land systems, and while we are honored to be included, the article was published with a few errors. We thought we’d take this opportunity to set the record straight and divulge more detail – accurate detail – as it pertains to P2 iLandMan. (We've since been in touch with the author of the article and believe the errors have been cleared.)

P2 iLandMan: An Industry Leader

We are proud to be the industry standard for SaaS (software as a service) land systems, and we continue to innovate as part of the P2 Energy Solutions company (P2 iLandMan was acquired by P2 Energy Solutions in 2018). P2 iLandMan integrates with other P2 products like P2 Tobin and P2 BOLO, data and accounting solutions, respectively. Our API also lets us integrate and share data seamlessly with many other third-party systems and applications.

Nuts and Bolts of the Software

Misrepresented in the article was that P2 iLandMan users must own an ArcGis license to use P2 iLandMan. The truth is, they do not; it comes standard with the current arc mapping version along with editing tools and shape files. In fact, as many polygons as a user would like to upload can be loaded at one time.

P2 iLandMan is both tract and formation based allowing users to understand exactly what they own, not only from a high level, but at depth, which is where companies today value their assets.

Integrations and Reporting

In P2 iLandMan, the owner can be associated with its tax ID or an owner or vendor code so that they are unique. This is crucial for our accounting integration modules so that names and addresses, as well as payments and invoices, can be managed intuitively. Most all other land software providers can’t say the same; their land and accounting systems do not integrate at all.

Using P2 iLandMan allows you to search in almost any manner using most field types. Our obligation calendar and dashboard keep the user informed of all upcoming payments and other obligations like drilling commitments. All of our reports have both .pdf and Excel versions, as well as our Excel-based report builder which makes reporting native to P2 iLandMan.

Want to Know More?

We would be happy to show interested landmen – or any interested party – how P2 iLandMan can help any company no matter the size or configuration. We have something for just about every land group and organization in practice today.

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