Q&A: P2’s Michael Danielewicz Answers Questions About New Software Bundle for Canadian Oil and Gas Startups

Q&A: P2’s Michael Danielewicz Answers Questions About New Software Bundle for Canadian Oil and Gas Startups

New product bundle allows Canadian producers to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively

Michael Danielewicz, P2 Energy Solutions’ Senior Vice President and Canadian General Manager, sat down with P2’s marketing and communications team to answer a few questions about Qbyte All Access. QAA provides a new way for Canadian oil and gas operators to leverage the industry-leading Qbyte software applications.

What exactly is QAA?

QAA is our new, all-in-one software package that includes land, accounting, AFE management, production accounting, and all the associated reporting capabilities – the ERP for an oil and gas company. When an oil and gas organization is just getting going, they have a lot to worry about. The last thing they want to be doing is second-guessing their systems and whether they’re giving their employees everything they need to perform at the highest level possible. So that’s why we created the QAA bundle, because it allows startups to get up and running quickly and focus on what matters most to them – running and growing their business.

You said “up and running quickly.” How quickly are we talking about?

Days. The P2 Cloud and Qbyte QuickStart – that’s how we do it. Because QAA is hosted in the P2 Cloud and because we use our templated setup with years of industry best practices built into it, we can have an environment set up in a matter of days. Not only is this approach fast, but it also keeps implementation costs to a minimum with the implementation focusing on how to use the applications efficiently. If the organization happens to be in the process of acquiring properties, we’re able to have the seller’s data converted and ready for use quickly, too.

So why now? Why did your team decide to develop QAA?

It’s all part of adjusting to the new industry normal of lower commodity prices and the need to for operators to do more with less. Today, deals happen so fast. So does the transition to operatorship. Regardless of the situation, producers are keeping a very, very close eye on costs because margins are so tight right now. As I mentioned earlier, leveraging the P2 Cloud-Qbyte QuickStart combination, we’re able to accelerate companies’ time to value. Not only that, but operators get an unlimited number of users with QAA, so we’re able to deliver additional value to them in that way.

And why QAA? Aren’t there other software packages that are great for oil and gas companies that are just getting started?

The solutions that make up QAA – Qbyte CS Land, Qbyte Financial Management, Qbyte AFE, Qbyte Metrix (for production accounting), and Qbyte Optix (for reporting) – are industry-leading applications and very easy to use. Eighty percent of Canada’s top 50 companies use at least one Qbyte product. In total, we have more than 340 Canadian oil and gas customers. The Qbyte solutions are bulletproof, purpose-built, trusted, and they lead the way in terms of complete functionality. Organizations that use Qbyte are in very good company.

Do these solutions just live on their own then?

No, they’re integrated. QAA includes cross-product reporting capabilities, master file integration, and transactional integration. The systems all work together, which means users are able to save time on important tasks, reduce errors and rework, and preserve the integrity of their data.

We’ve talked a lot about small startups. What if a startup using QAA wants to grow?

With QAA, a company can grow as much as they want. That’s the great thing about the software – we have one version of code. So whether the company is small and just getting started or large and established, they get the same set of capabilities. Companies of all sizes implement Qbyte, grow with it, and never worry about having to change systems – that’s probably the best part about the software.

How is QAA priced?

It’s super simple – the monthly fee is based on the company’s BOE/d and as I said earlier, every QAA customer gets an unlimited number of users.

Where can someone go to learn more about QAA?

This page is a great place to start.

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Click here to learn more about Qbyte All Access and how it can help your organization operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.


About The Interviewee
Michael Danielewicz is P2’s Senior Vice President and Canadian General Manager. He's worked with P2 products in one form or another for nearly 30 years. His first experience was implementing Qbyte software as a customer at Omega Hydrocarbons in the late 1980s. Outside of work, he enjoys playing hockey, skiing, and spending time at the lake with his family and friends. Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary and is a Certified Management Accountant.

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