The Power of Field Through Financials


A field through financials approach ensures all field and back-office teams are aligned, have the data they need to make the best decisions, don’t have to rekey or access data through other systems, and are working toward the same goal. This approach can also improve the profitability of your upstream operation.

Complete the short form below to watch “The Power of Field Through Financials” where experts from P2, EnerVest, and Steward Energy discuss:

  1. The value of a single system of record and the importance of a field through financials approach in upstream oil and gas
  2. The flow of master data between departments and how that can be automated
  3. The critical nature of managing your business from end to end and automating steps that have historically been passed on paper
  4. How operating holistically, from field ops through financial accounting, can improve the profitability of your operation


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