P2 Tobin Data: Putting Customers and Quality First

P2 Tobin Data: Putting Customers and Quality First

Since 1928, P2 Tobin has been providing our customers with high-quality oil and gas data. Our focus on quality is in our DNA and results in information that can be trusted by our customers, allowing them to execute their workflows and meet their objectives with confidence.

Our information quality framework enables consistent and timely data sourcing, transformation, and delivery while also ensuring we’re providing complete and accurate information. We accomplish this through… "THAT".

"THAT" is an acronym for Thorough, Harmony, Accuracy, and Timely.

Thorough measures the depth and breadth of our data, including geographic coverage and the number of data attributes available for any product in the P2 Tobin product portfolio. The goal is to provide data our customers need, covering the areas they want, while adding value to their workflows. Our Well product covers 35 states, including offshore Gulf of Mexico, and encompasses every major basin and shale play in the United States. Our Fee Lease product covers many important activity areas in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. And most recently, we completed our expansion of Oklahoma to now cover the entire state.

Harmony provides consistency where geo-enabled data is coincident with other spatial locations in other data sets within our portfolio. This consistency allows for sharper visualization and more precise spatial analysis. Harmony begins with our renowned Land Grid product which has been in existence since the 1950’s, continually updated, and looked at as an authoritative source by the State of Texas General Land Office. We then tie our vintage surface ownership, current fee lease, and oil and gas well data to this “base”, while also ensuring each is aligned to one another.

Accuracy is a foundational pillar for P2 Tobin and is the reason for our longstanding success. Our attention to accuracy enables the real value P2 Tobin provides. We utilize robust business rules and redundant validations throughout the data transformation workflow to interrogate sourced information, searching for inconsistencies, and correcting the data. We ask questions like: Is this regulatory well surface location where it should be? Can I trust state-sourced coordinates? Is this well ground elevation within reasonable tolerance for its location geography? How can a well’s spud date occur after the well bore was completed? Does the lessee or lessor in a county index match what is in the actual oil and gas lease document? While we utilize automation where appropriate to achieve more timely data delivery, we also have experienced subject matter experts evaluating data which fail validation. Our experts determine precise geographic positioning of a well or lease and correct any attribute that is inconsistent or incorrect.

Timely reflects how quickly we source, transform, and publish information. For example, our Fee Lease Activity information is available for consumption within 24-72 hours of its sourcing, and the majority of our data products are updated weekly and made available online through the Tobin Data Portal.

While “THAT” covers much more than described above, it’s this information quality framework that ensures we deliver the information our customers need, when they need it, and with the accuracy they expect.

Our 90-year commitment to quality continues… THAT is our focus every day!


About the Author
Christopher Huber, Director of Tobin Data Operations, joined P2 Energy Solutions nearly five years ago. He is a mission-oriented leader with over 22 years of experience in geospatial and information technology, project management, and business operations. Prior to joining P2, he was a small business owner and spent eight years providing geospatial support and subject matter expertise to the Department of Defense through his work with the United States Air Force and the United States Army. He has a degree in Geography from Texas State University. When not at work, Christopher enjoys kayak fishing and spending time with his family.

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