P2 Partners With New Story to Build New Homes for 2 Families in Bolivia

P2 Partners With New Story to Build New Homes for 2 Families in Bolivia

Donors will receive a video introducing them to the mother, father, and children whose lives they helped change

As part of P2’s social-responsibility efforts, we’ve partnered with the nonprofit organization New Story to build two new homes in Bolivia for families in need.

Since it was established in 2014 to “transform slums into communities,” New Story has built more than 150 homes in Bolivia, El Salvador, and Haiti. Each home costs $6,800 to build, so P2’s goal is to raise $13,600.

Here’s the best part: Every penny you donate goes directly toward hiring local workers and purchasing local materials for the construction of these two homes. Think about that for a second: Not only are you giving a family a life-changing home, but you’re also stimulating the local economy and helping people acquire new and valuable skills. Pretty neat, right? And once these homes have been built (each one takes about two months to complete), you’ll receive a video introducing you to the mother, father, and children whose lives you helped change.

On the surface, these $6,800 homes may not seem like much. Each has a metal roof, concrete block walls, a concrete floor, two doors, a few windows, and basic plumbing and wiring. But when you consider what these families’ prior homes consisted of – tarp for a roof and walls, a dirt floor, holes punched in the tarp for windows, and no clean water or electricity – these new homes are life-altering.

So why New Story? And why now? Well, it’s estimated that 828 million people around the world don’t live in an adequate home. There can never be a bad time to help them, right? But also, the 2016 edition of P2’s largest customer community event, ASCEND, is right around the corner. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Platform For Success.” Likewise, a good home is the foundation for success. A proper home provides safety and consistency, which all of us need to succeed in life. So, this partnership made sense for a lot of reasons. 

We’ve invited New Story cofounder and CEO Brett Hagler to speak at ASCEND 2016, and we hope you’ll come out to hear what is sure to be a powerful and inspiring message.

Until then, we invite you to make a lasting difference in a family’s life by donating today!

P2 Partners With New Story to Build New Homes for 2 Families in Bolivia

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Alex Schultz works on P2’s corporate marketing and communications team. Prior to coming on board at P2, Alex worked as a news and sports reporter in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where he covered everything from local politics and citrus farming to college baseball and senior slowpitch softball leagues. When he’s not writing about the innovative and resilient upstream oil and gas community for P2, you’ll likely find Alex in one of two places: at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO, watching (and usually regretting his decision immediately) a University of Colorado football game, or trying (and usually failing) to hook a rainbow trout from one of Colorado’s mountain streams. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from CU-Boulder.

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