P2 Introduces YouTube Channel Geared Toward Upstream Oil and Gas Professionals

P2 Introduces YouTube Channel Geared Toward Upstream Oil and Gas Professionals

The next time you come across yet another cat video, resist the urge … oil and gas videos are way better anyway

After lots of customer interviews, roughly 1,600 cups of coffee, some video stitching and polishing, and only one missing employee (OK not really) … P2 is now on YouTube!

And what exactly are they doing there? you might be asking yourself. Simple: We’re sharing stories – stories about our amazing customers, stories about our mission as a company, stories about how software and technology are redefining the upstream oil and gas industry and helping teams topple tough challenges like never before.

Like anything our marketing and communications team here at P2 puts together – blog posts, webinars, white papers, eBooks, live events … you name it – we want the videos on our YouTube channel to be helpful. Maybe you’re an IT director looking to eliminate data silos at your organization and want to see how one of your peers did it. Or maybe you’re a production engineer who wants to get more oil and gas out of your existing wells by reducing deferments. Our hope is that these videos will provide answers to your questions and guidance in all things upstream oil and gas.

If you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe to the channel and a simple alert will be emailed to you every time we publish a new video. And as always, we welcome your feedback – let us know what you think by leaving a comment or two. We’d even love to hear what kinds of videos you’d like to see.

We can’t promise any videos about dogs riding jet skis or people sinking basketball shots from atop 83-story buildings or baby pandas scaring the bejesus out of their mothers.

But what we can promise are videos about the upstream oil and gas industry, its challenges, and the people who are turning those challenges into awesome opportunities.

So the next time you come across yet another cat video, resist the temptation and keep scrolling. Videos about the world of upstream oil and gas are way better anyway.

P2 Introduces YouTube Channel

About The Author
Alex Schultz works on P2’s corporate marketing and communications team. Prior to coming on board at P2, Alex worked as a news and sports reporter in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where he covered everything from local politics and citrus farming to college baseball and senior slowpitch softball leagues. When he’s not writing about the innovative and resilient upstream oil and gas community for P2, you’ll likely find Alex in one of two places: at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO, watching (and usually regretting his decision immediately) a University of Colorado football game, or trying (and usually failing) to hook a rainbow trout from one of Colorado’s mountain streams. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from CU-Boulder.

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