P2 Energy Solutions Announces Upgrades to Tobin Data Solutions


DENVER, COLORADO – (April 23, 2019) – P2 Energy Solutions, a leading software and data solutions provider for upstream oil and gas organizations globally, announced today significant improvements to its suite of P2 Tobin data solutions. These product enhancements will be on display Wednesday and Thursday, May 15–16, 2019 at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, TX.

For more than 90 years, upstream oil and gas professionals have relied on Tobin and its dedicated geospatial and data quality experts in order to confidently make decisions that impact their business. Tobin pioneered the industry’s aerial imagery and built datasets from that imagery, as well as original survey notes, rolled maps, and field sketches.

Today, upstream energy organizations can take advantage of the new P2 Tobin data experience, which allows professionals in the oil and gas sector to visualize and assess market opportunities and risks easier and faster than ever before.

“With the latest upgrades to P2 Tobin, our customers will have at their fingertips the highest quality, most current data in the hottest shale plays,” said Anthony Sperduti, senior vice president of Tobin data solutions at P2 Energy Solutions. “It’s an improved Tobin in terms of unprecedented thoroughness, reflecting the depth and breadth of our coverage. Additionally, the data is even more harmonized in that it matches and publishes seamlessly and accurately across datasets. All of this is done with unprecedented speed – customers are taking notice of just how quickly we source, transform, and publish P2 Tobin content while maintaining Tobin’s standards for spatial accuracy.”

At the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, P2 Energy Solutions will demonstrate specific improvements to Tobin, including:

  • New Lease Obligation Intelligence product, powered by ThoughtTrace™, to help customers rapidly screen fee leases for particular provisions and obligations.
  • New Units offering with detailed coverage in the Permian Basin and rapidly expanding our coverage to all major plays.
  • Several information quality improvements, including expanded geographic coverage for wells, leases, and Superbase Lots and Tracts, as well as improved timeliness of wells and leases.


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P2 Energy Solutions empowers the people who power the world. Upstream oil and gas professionals from more than 1,700 companies around the globe rely on P2’s oil and gas accounting, data, land, and production solutions to optimize their business processes and performance.

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