P2 Announces New Qbyte Pricing for Upstream Oil and Gas Startups and Small Producers


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P2 Energy Solutions is excited to announce new, lower pricing for its Qbyte suite of products: Qbyte Financial Management, Qbyte Metrix, Qbyte CS Land, and Qbyte Optix. Startup companies and small upstream oil and gas producers are welcome to take advantage of these new prices, which are effective immediately.

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We, like all of you, have been closely monitoring the market conditions of late. We also speak with our customers on a daily basis to better understand their needs, their challenges, and their goals. All that put together told us it was time to develop a new approach and offering for our smaller customers.

We also believe in our solutions and the hundreds of organizations that use them. We’ve seen our customers achieve some incredible results, and we want to make it as easy as possible for as many as possible to be equally successful.

Here’s just one example: Bonavista Energy, a mid-cap company and one of our industry’s most efficient producers, has been a Qbyte In The Cloud customer since 2002. They use Qbyte FM for accounting, Qbyte Metrix for production accounting, and Qbyte CS Land for land management. They started early with Qbyte and today are a top-20 producer in Canada. It’s been great to see them grow and get better at what they do each and every day.

Which brings me to an important point: If growth is what your company seeks, Qbyte can grow with you (the system can scale from one user to hundreds of users). If your company wants to hold steady at a certain size, Qbyte is ideal for that type of scenario, too. It all just depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. Either way, it’s critical for every upstream business to get off to a good start, and our Services team will help you get out of the proverbial oil and gas gate quickly and smoothly.

Another important detail to note: The Qbyte solutions can be delivered on-premise or in the cloud. If you choose Qbyte In The Cloud, all of your business needs – system backups, guaranteed uptime, technology upgrades, applications maintenance, helpdesk support, new releases … you name it – are taken care of for one monthly fee. We manage your applications so you can focus on running your business. The solutions can also be purchased individually or as a fully-integrated suite, which is where Qbyte derives a lot of its power. When systems have the ability to send data seamlessly from one to another, redundant work and data-entry errors are reduced and teams can complete their most important tasks in a lot less time.

Those are just a few of the business benefits that we want every Canadian oil and gas startup and small producer to experience.

If you have any questions or want more information about this new pricing, simply fill out the form on this page and someone from our Qbyte team will get back to you shortly.

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About The Author
Michael DanielewiczMichael Danielewicz (“Mike D” to those who know him best) is P2 Energy Solutions’ Senior Vice President of Sales & Canadian General Manager. Mike has been working with P2 products in one form or another for nearly three decades and takes a great deal of pride in the lasting personal relationships he has built with P2’s Canadian customers. A Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and graduate of the University of Calgary, Mike enjoys playing hockey, skiing, and taking some time to relax at the lake when he’s not talking all things Qbyte.

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