NAPE Summit 2017 Attendees See “Complete Land Experience” at P2’s Booth

NAPE Summit 2017 Attendees See “Complete Land Experience” at P2's Booth

Visitors went on a four-destination land management journey, using mapping, land operations, land management, and other tools along the way

If you made it to NAPE Summit 2017 and were able to stop by the P2 Energy Solutions booth, thank you! It’s always great to see those who make up the awesome upstream oil and gas community. If you were able to go on our four-stop land management journey while you were at our booth, even better! We hope you enjoyed the views and experiences.

If you weren’t able to make it to NAPE and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s a summary of what transpired at booth 2911...

Visitors to our booth were given a land management itinerary that consisted of the following destinations: 1) “The Land of Possibilities,” 2) “A Mobile Adventure,” 3) “The New Frontier,” and 4) “An Unforgettable View.”

Each destination served to highlight a different aspect of the overall land management experience. So, at “The Land of Possibilities” destination, our visitors performed real-time analysis and identified the best opportunities for their business. Next, they went on “A Mobile Adventure” and secured the opportunities they discovered. At “The New Frontier” destination, they learned how to manage their newly acquired assets. Last but not least, they sat back, relaxed, sipped on a tasty drink (aka coffee or water), and enjoyed “An Unforgettable View” of their new acquisitions. When it was all said and done, they had partaken in the entire land management experience.

Of course, to go on any adventure, you need the right tools, whether that’s a comfortable pair of shoes or the latest and greatest camera or some new snorkeling gear. The right tools make all the difference.

Here are the tools that our land management travelers used on their journey...

Destination #1: Tobin Data and P2 BZAlmanac
Tobin Data gives users the ability to analyze oil and gas data in their areas of interest, quickly download the data for further analysis in GIS and business intelligence tools, and build the most reliable oil and gas maps possible – all in the name of making quick, well-informed business decisions. P2 BZAlmanac is a library of accurate, probabilistic, and unbiased oil and gas production forecasts for every well in the U.S. These forecasts provide the full range of production possibilities – p10 to p90 values – and are updated every month, putting the most complete and current forecast information at users’ fingertips.

Destination #2: P2 Land Broker
P2 Land Broker is a mobile solution that enables oil and gas companies to accelerate their lease acquisitions. P2 Land Broker is the only solution that creates a real-time connection between land brokers in the field and land teams in the back office. As a result, companies can increase their land speed, improve their bottom line, and bolster their competitive intelligence.

Destination #3: P2 Land 5.0
P2 Land 5.0 is the latest version of P2 Land, the industry’s most advanced yet easiest to use land system. More than 50 of P2’s land customers – who represent the largest land community in the world – came together in 13 focus groups to guide P2 Land 5.0’s design, which means the features and capabilities that land professionals value most are packed into the system. P2 land 5.0 was released in early February 2017.

Destination #4: P2 GIS and P2 Reporting
P2 GIS is a suite of ESRI GIS extensions that allow GIS teams to organize, create, display, and manage geospatial enterprise data for land and lease recording. P2 Reporting brings all of a company’s data together in one place and gives individual business users the ability to perform data discovery, create reports and dashboards, and uncover actionable insights – all independent of the IT department.

At the end of the trip, each visitor was entered to win a $1,000, $750, or $500 airline gift card.

Because who doesn’t like to go on an adventure – whether that adventure takes you through the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef or through the terrestrial world of oil and gas land management – from time to time?

Watch The Webinar
Watch this webinar, “3 Ways to Master the Lease Acquisition Process,” to see how land teams are increasing their lease-acquisition speeds, improving their bottom lines, and enhancing their competitive intelligence with P2 Land Broker.

About The Author
Alex Schultz works on P2’s corporate marketing and communications team. Prior to coming on board at P2, Alex worked as a news and sports reporter in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where he covered everything from local politics and citrus farming to college baseball and senior slowpitch softball leagues. When he’s not writing about the innovative and resilient upstream oil and gas community for P2, you’ll likely find Alex in one of two places: at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO, watching (and usually regretting his decision immediately) a University of Colorado football game, or trying (and usually failing) to hook a rainbow trout from one of Colorado’s mountain streams. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from CU-Boulder.

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