Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: We’re P2 Energy Solutions (Part 1 of 3)

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: We’re P2 Energy Solutions

Some know us as P2 Energy Solutions. Others as P2. A lot of folks use (or at least recognize) our suite of products, and there are many of you who haven’t a clue as to who we are or what we do. We’re going to change that throughout the course of this blog.

At our core, we’re a collective group of people who embody The P2 Way, which is a set of cultural values we live and breathe daily. We’re deeply committed to making P2 a great place to work and grow both professionally and personally, as well as establishing a high-performance culture among and between departments, teams, and each other.

P2 Energy Solutions has been around since 1995 when it was then called The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse. In 2000, we became Petroleum Place, Inc. (giving rise to P2), formally becoming P2 Energy Solutions in 2003, and over the past nearly 20 years, we’ve acquired and brought in brands and products that shape who we are today.

Let’s Take a Look Around

P2 Energy Solutions – P2 for short – is the largest independent provider of software and data solutions exclusively serving the upstream oil and gas industry. Under the P2 umbrella are four domains or solutions (Geospatial Data, Land Management, Financial Accounting, Production Operations) and a bounty of products that our customers rely on every day to make critical business decisions. Some of our most well-known products include:

Geospatial Data

Land Management

Financial Accounting

Production Operations

P2 Tobin

P2 iLandMan


P2 Merrick


P2 Land

P2 Excalibur




P2 Enterprise Upstream



Becoming a Branded House

Many of our products embody a certain brand and have devout followers (users), and we embrace each one for their distinct capabilities. We remain committed to educating and informing our customers and the broader industry about our internal makeup and configuration. After all, we want you to know what’s under the P2 umbrella.

Optimization and Efficiency

Among other attributes, we bring optimization and efficiency to our customers’ daily operations whether they’re in the field or back office. We save upstream oil and gas companies time and money through technology-enabled software solutions that our teams work to modernize and enhance every day.

Driving Forward

Led by experienced, thoughtful, and highly engaged product management teams, P2 continues to drive forward, pushing the envelope of what’s possible. We will continue to invent and iterate, solve problems, and revolutionize the way upstream oil and gas professionals get their jobs done. Most importantly, we’ll remain steadfast in our values and vision as we look toward the future.

At P2 Energy Solutions, we’re empowering the people who power the world.

Note that this is part one of a three-part series. Look for the next piece coming soon.  


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