Is Your Oil and Gas Data Giving You Everything You Need?

Is Your Oil and Gas Data Giving You Everything You Need?

Tobin Insight helps upstream teams make better sense of the data-thick, high-speed E&P landscape

Data is the lifeblood of every upstream oil and gas operation.

Production accountants need data to perform daily and monthly allocations. Production engineers need data to review trends and optimize production. JIB accountants need data to record capital costs and invoice partners.

The list – and the types of data – goes on and on.

Tobin Insight, the latest addition to the P2 product family, includes key tools and datasets – production data, permit information, and rig data – designed to help upstream teams make lightning-fast exploration and production decisions backed by powerful market intelligence.

That’s what the upstream oil and gas industry is all about, isn’t it?

So let’s take a look at Tobin Insight’s tools and data layers and how they’re helping land teams execute at a higher level …

View Key Market Metrics

Want to see how many permits have been pulled in your areas of interest in the last 30, 60, or 90 days? Need to know who the biggest producing or rig operators are in your areas of interest? Tobin Insight’s dashboard tool gives you the ability to monitor all the permit, rig, operator, and producer activity happening in your areas of interest. The application’s “Top 10” dashboards provide a snapshot of who the biggest players are in each county and play, enabling you to more effectively develop exploration and partnership plans.

Monitor The Performance Of Wells

Tobin Insight’s embedded map, which is powered by the easy-to-use Google Maps application, shows the location of more than 3 million wells across North America and what each has produced in terms of oil, gas, and water over time. You can also view each well’s API number, operator, lat-long information, and application, approval, first production, and completion dates. Before you make your next exploration or production move, use this information to learn everything there is to know about the wells in your areas of interest.

Create Custom Reports

The solution gives you the ability to create permit, well, rig, and operator reports tailor-made for your unique business needs. If you plan on using a particular report often, simply save the report and the filters you applied so you don’t have to build it from scratch every time. You can also export the information in your reports directly to the Tobin Insight map, giving you an instant visual of all of your data.

When upstream teams have the right data in their hands at the right time, good things happen.

That’s what the upstream oil and gas industry is all about, isn’t it?

Is Your Oil and Gas Data Giving You Everything You Need?

Want To Learn More?
Watch this webinar to learn more about how oil and gas data can help you and your team make better business decisions and execute at a higher level.

About The Author
Andy Longoria
Andy Longoria is a subject matter expert for P2’s data solutions, supporting the company’s account executives in the midcap and microcap territories. He’s been at P2 for 30 years. A certified photogrammetrist and a member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Andy was the President of Tobin Surveys prior to P2’s acquisition of Tobin International in 2003. In addition to managing many projects, Andy has helped establish job procedures, production workflow, file standards, and the quality control procedures for both the hardcopy and softcopy production. Andy is an avid biker, hiker, and runner. He’s been on several P2 teams that have completed the annual Texas Independence Relay.

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