How Energen Shares Well Information Faster Than Ever Before


Do you get overwhelmed when thinking about the enormous amount of data that needs to be obtained, organized, and processed before a new well can come online? From owner interest and payouts to well information and leases – this data is oftentimes kept in multiple places with zero standardization or visibility or, even worse, lost in emails.

That’s where a workflow tool can help!

With P2 Workflow, Energen was able to streamline their data collection and dissemination process for bringing on a new well by creating one system of entry where all critical data is stored.

Watch this 30-minute webinar, How Energen Shares Well Information Faster Than Ever Before, to see how P2 Workflow has helped Energen’s Ranay Lucas and her colleagues with visibility, standardization, approvals, and capturing data when bringing new wells online.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how organizations can streamline their processes by:

  • Increasing cross-department communication with no extra effort.
  • Having visibility into wells coming online even before it happens.
  • Decreasing fines or penalties by having data set up and processed before deadlines approach

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