How To: 3 Ways to Escalate an Urgent Case at P2

How To: 3 Ways to Escalate an Urgent Case at P2

Thank you for trusting your business operations to P2 Energy Solutions. We are committed to providing outstanding support to our valued customers.

As part of P2’s Customer First program, our aim is to exceed your expectations throughout every interaction. We also want the process of contacting support and getting help to be as easy and efficient as possible.

Before escalating an issue, a case must be created. To create a case, we encourage all customers to first contact P2’s Global Customer Support (GCS) team. The best way to get in touch with the support team is through the P2 Customer Support Portal or by phone at 1-844-REACH-P2 (in North America; other global numbers are available below).

Escalating Your Case

As a solutions provider, our goal is to resolve customer cases quickly and efficiently, but we do understand that at certain times, cases need to be escalated. When this is necessary, we aim to provide clear pathways for escalation. This process brings a higher level of attention to a case and ensures our team understands the impact of a case on your business.

Here are the primary ways to escalate a customer case at P2.

  1. Add a case comment through the P2 Customer Support Portal – Upon submitting a comment through an existing case detailing the need for escalation, the P2 case owner is notified that a customer escalated an issue. The support representative will ensure the case is assigned the appropriate severity level and take action to move the case forward.
    • Our case comment tracking system captures all comments and communications between customers and P2
    • Customers also have the ability to respond to case comments or questions directly from email (without having to log in to the customer support portal); all email correspondence is captured within the appropriate case
  1. Call the support line (1-844-REACH-P2) – All customer calls are routed to the desks of all support team members (specified by product). All members of P2 Customer Support can assist in the case escalation process, or a customer can request to speak to their case owner.
  • Note that our process varies slightly in the Canadian and Asia Pacific markets. All escalations and questions should be directed to:
    • Lori Edwards in Canada: (403) 774-1012
    • Sean Connell in the Australia & Asia Pacific regions: +61 8 9241 0314
  1. Contact the appropriate support manager – When a customer transitions from project implementation to ongoing support, the direct contact information for the appropriate support manager is provided. The latest contact information can be found on the P2 Customer Support Portal by clicking the “Escalate Case” button.
Product GCS Team Leader Email Phone

All Canadian software solutions

Lori Edwards (403) 774-1012


Tim O'Keefe TO' (303) 390-9377

P2 Enterprise Upstream, P2 Reporting, P2 Workflow

John Carlson (720) 493-6607

P2 Excalibur

JD Brookes (713) 590-2487

P2 Production Operations

Sean Connell +61 8 9241 0328

P2 Land, P2 GIS, P2 IDEAS, P2 Tobin

Conrad Koski (713) 590-2452

P2 Merrick

Bret Warner (713) 590-2429

We encourage you to reach out to these support managers when you need to escalate a product-specific issue and have already logged a case through the customer support portal.

Which Avenue is Best?

The simple answer is that all three escalation points will garner a helpful, responsive reply from a P2 Customer Support team member. When any case is escalated, we want to solve the issue quickly and support you every step of the way.

The P2 Global Customer Support management team is here to ensure our customers’ concerns are not just addressed in the most professional way possible, but that frustrations, feedback, and concerns are taken seriously and expedited appropriately. We use each customer case and situation to better our support processes which we strive to improve every day.

Thank you again for being a P2 customer. We look forward to working with you and doing our best to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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