For Exec-Level Managers and IT Personnel, Communication Hurdles Abound When It Comes To Shift Logs, Shift Handover

For Exec-Level Managers and IT Personnel, Communication Hurdles Abound When It Comes To Shift Logs, Shift Handover

In previous blogs, we have examined the communication challenges for operators and supervisors around shift logs and shift handover.

Similar but uniquely different hurdles are faced by executive-level managers as well as back-office and IT personnel.

View From the Top: Management Seeks High-Graded Executive Summary & Reporting Linked to Cost

Executive-level managers have multiple demands on their time and often must make critical decisions quickly. To do so effectively and save time, they must have easy-to-use tools at their fingertips that allow them to quickly assess problems.

Managers need access to high-grade information and typically want to be able to filter data so they can view the most important, relevant, and timely issues presented in an executive summary. This quick-view analysis will often include charts, consolidated analyses, behavior patterns or trends, and is typically linked to operational risks or production performance.

Executive leaders seek consolidated, dynamic reporting that incorporates and updates data from across business processes, departments, areas, or sites so they understand what is happening now and can manage change quickly. From there, they can determine issues needing resolution, develop an action plan, implement that plan, and assess its progress.

At the executive level, leaders need assurance that the data they are receiving is straight from the source, without being “sanitized” by middle managers in the decision chain. And since executives are typically subject to regulatory and board scrutiny, they demand reporting solutions that are both searchable for historical issues, and auditable, in case they must show a clear decision path.

P2 Energy Solutions helps deliver these capabilities so management can quickly assess patterns in behavior, high-grade critical information, and make decisions with confidence.

Keeping Everything Running Smoothly: Challenges Facing the Back-Office/IT Team – Delivering Performance, Integration, and Security

Often the least heralded colleagues in the communication process for shift log continuity and success are the back-office and IT personnel tasked with managing overall shift events and outcomes. To do this, they must configure and manage the technology architecture supporting the users, but also maintain the systems and backup and recovery processes required for consistent, error-free, shift log communication to occur.

For back-office or IT teams, challenges often start with building an integrated system that is easy to use for clients, leverages supported, modern technology, but also offers simple error logging and import/export capabilities, performance, and security. An IT team must ensure data integrity and that historical data retrieval is easy and quick, and that all processes are both auditable and traceable.

To this end, IT teams must be able to determine whether a use warrants a typical configuration or a customization. They must be able to demonstrate a clear path regarding the evolution of the configuration, must be able to group configurations by area, and must be able to deliver a configuration-change audit log.

At the end of the day, IT or back-office personnel must create a system that can easily generate a consolidated report required by supervisors or executive management. And they must enable their users to easily produce multiple, customizable, complex reports that are searchable and shareable.

Finally, an IT team must also have the flexibility to redeploy between development, testing, and production and to quickly support user maintenance needs like adding or removing users from the system. For these back-office users, we can proudly say P2 Energy Solutions has got your back. Our P2 Shift Log solution addresses your needs so you can help your internal users meet their shift-handover reporting objectives.

P2 Shift Log Delivers the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time for Operational Safety and Success

Through P2 Shift Log, operators, supervisors, back-office/IT personnel, and management get the benefit of industry-leading technology that transforms shift handover processes. The digital process replaces paper-based logs, spreadsheets, and manual, error-prone processes, ensuring greater data accuracy and timeliness. P2 Shift Log connects and empowers field and office users – enabling more informed decision making.

The electronic format streamlines and structures the capture of shift information. This saves users significant time and gives them much greater flexibility and optionality in their analysis and reporting across the business. As a result, managers and supervisors gain a better understanding of operational performance against KPIs.

P2 Shift Log integrates existing systems, including SCADA, to provide real-time and situational analysis. This speed of connection and shared analysis reduces unplanned downtime and prevents hazardous incidents through early identification of issues. P2 Shift Log provides critical safety elements to business operations and improves regulatory and corporate compliance.

If you’d like to speak with us about how P2 Shift Log, our industry-leading handover solution can help you achieve greater operational certainty and peace of mind, please email us or call us, and a P2 team member will be in touch. EMAIL: CALL: +61 8 9241 0300. 


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