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Excalibur Receives 80 Enhancements … And That’s No April Fool’s Joke

P2 Excalibur

Details on upcoming Excalibur User Group in Denver below

When we lift the curtain on Excalibur 8.2 later this month, behind it will be an improved solution that helps you complete many of your most important tasks using less time and fewer steps. 

Better functionality, 80 enhancements, 200 software updates … it’s all included in 8.2.

So let’s dive in and take a look at what’s new:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certification: We certified Excalibur on this operating system because it’s a lower-cost platform, it supports thousands of hardware and software vendors, it has strong industry support and adoption rates, and it delivers a steady stream of enhancements.
  • Auto Deploy: This tool is an improvement over our internal processes and enables us to deliver Excalibur more effectively across our customer base.
  • Grid Functionality: Excel-like grids allow you to analyze many records at once, instead of just one at a time.

Here’s what’s new on the Accounting front:

  • Gross Sales Data Entry (REV170): This screen was converted to a grid, giving you the ability to review all of your data in one place, search and sort, and get your data uploaded quickly.
  • Mass Gross Sales Reversal (REV189): You can now do mass reversals based on the batch number, the division of interest, or a saved list of gross sales records.

And now Land:

  • Land Payment Type Codes (LLR184): The system now includes user-defined land payment type codes, each of which is associated to an accounting category.
  • Tract Payments (LLR118): When setting up tract payment obligations, the payment type is clearly defined on both the recommendation calendar and the payee’s check, which means you no longer have to fill out an additional payee text and type up a description for meaningful payment.
  • Land/Lease System Setup (LLR295): Each user-defined code is tied to the company’s chart of accounts and general ledger, so as each land payment flows through accounts payable, it will be booked to the correct accounting specifications.
  • Working Interest Groups Upload (LDO435): Your analysis of title information can now be entered into a template and uploaded into the system’s Working Interest Group (WIG) database; no more having to enter and then re-enter the same information.  
  • Spreadsheet Format For Upload (LDO435): This color-coded upload template provides the layout for building your WIGs and validation of important information.

Your feedback is what guided each of these enhancements. The next Excalibur User Group, scheduled for Thursday, April 16, at the Denver Athletic Club in downtown Denver, will provide another great opportunity for feedback. I hope you can make it. 

If you have any questions or feedback in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or contact one of our Support staff at 1-844-REACH-P2 (1-844-732-2472) or

Want to Learn More?
Watch this webinar to learn more about Excalibur 8.2 and its new enhancements.


About the Author
Boyd Butler is our Excalibur Product Manager. Boyd came on board at P2 after graduating with a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management, with a focus on Energy and Sustainability, from the University of Denver. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. When he’s not talking Excalibur, Boyd enjoys cooking, skiing, and hiking.

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