4 Things You'll Learn at ASCEND 2015

4 Things You'll Learn at ASCEND 2015

Learn about best practices, industry trends, and more at P2's largest customer community event

We’ve all been to them before – those industry conferences that last for days on end and don’t really provide much in the form of useful takeaways.

“So, what’d you learn? How do you plan on applying your newfound knowledge to what we do here every day?” your boss inquires when you get back to the office.

This is your big moment. You smile, rise from your chair, take a deep breath, and …


Well, let’s just say ASCEND 2015 isn’t one of those conferences. ASCEND’s not only P2’s largest customer community conference, it’s the premier event for the upstream oil and gas community.

As an ASCEND 2015 attendee, here are four things you’ll learn:

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4 Things You'll Learn At ASCEND 2015

1. How Your Peers Are Solving Today’s Biggest Challenges

Whether you work in finance and accounting, land management and geospatial data, production operations, IT, or reserves, ASCEND 2015’s got plenty for you. And when we say plenty, we mean more than 125 customer-inspired and customer-led breakout sessions. Sit in on these sessions to see how your peers are tackling the challenges common to your role.

2. How To Excel In Your Oil And Gas Career

Learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals, form and work in teams, foster a culture of innovation, work more efficiently, hire the best employees for your business, and more in our Leadership and People Development sessions. These are great for both managers and individual contributors.

3. How To Get The Most Out Of Your P2 Software

The conference’s 125-plus breakout sessions are a great way to obtain valuable software best practices from professionals who do what you do every day. If you’re wanting to take a deeper dive into the software, check out our lineup of 17 training seminars spanning eight P2 solutions. New users, power users, managers, and system administrators alike can benefit from these seminars, which are eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits as well.

4. How To Get Out In Front Of The Most Important Industry Trends

Looking to learn more about the latest developments in the Eagle Ford, energy reform and how it’s impacting the industry, how some E&P companies are adapting to and actually thriving in today’s low-price environment, how to shorten AFE cycles and control costs along the way, how to make better business decisions through the use of real-time visualization, how to … well, we’ll spare you from reading for the next half hour. If these are the sorts of things you’re after, you’ll want to add some of our Trends and Best Practices sessions to your calendar.

We don’t know which sessions you’ll attend and what new best practices you’ll discover, but we do know this: When that “So, what’d you learn?” question gets asked upon returning to your office, you won’t be at a loss for words.

You’ll rise from your chair, take a deep breath, and …

Well, you need to attend ASCEND 2015 to discover your answer.

I'm Going To ASCEND

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