3 Simple Ways Oil and Gas Data Can Fuel Your Organization

3 Simple Ways Oil and Gas Data Can Fuel Your Organization

During this time of market uncertainty, upstream operators are being asked to do more with less and make every move count. P2’s new Tobin Insight platform gives you the ability to access the market metrics you need, such as permit, rig, and operator data, and use them to make quick, well-informed decisions for your business.

In this webinar, Andy Longoria will review P2’s Tobin Insight product and explain how it can benefit your organization. Specifically, Andy will show you how to:

  • View key market metrics for better and faster decision-making
    • Tobin Insight holds the information you need to perform competitive analysis and make strategic decisions. The application’s “Top 10” dashboards provide a snapshot of the biggest players by county and play, allowing you to more effectively develop partnerships and exploration strategies.
  • Monitor the performance of wells in your area of interest
    • Use Tobin Insight to get a detailed look at the performance of the wells you’re currently operating, and those you’re moving to next. Filter by operator or region to quickly pull up the exact information you need.
  • Create custom reports for your unique business requirements
    • Data stored in a cloud application is all well and good, but it doesn’t add value if you can’t make effective use of it. With Tobin Insight, create custom, easy-to-understand reports which you can tailor to your specific business requirements.

3 Simple Ways Oil and Gas Data Can Fuel Your Organization

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