3 Ways to Master the Lease Acquisition Process

3 Ways to Master the Lease Acquisition Process

Boxes upon boxes of lease documents, missing paperwork, having to rekey the same information multiple times, data-entry errors – these are just a few of the challenges that land departments regularly face during lease acquisition cycles. And they’re exactly what inspired us to develop P2 Land Broker, a mobile solution for lease acquisitions that reduces lease cycle times from months to weeks and helps teams make better decisions through real-time visualization.
Kyle Hartmann, our Land Systems Consultant, will discuss some of the advantages that Land teams are experiencing using P2 Land Broker, including:

  • Increased Land Speed through quicker assembly of parcels, faster cycle time from first contact to lease record approval, and reduced data entry in the back office.
  • Improved Bottom Lines via tighter management of cost per acre and leasing budgets.
  • Better Competitive Intelligence through real-time mapping and net revenue interest analysis.

3 Ways to Master the Lease Acquisition Process

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