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P2 Invites You to the Energy Executive Webcast Series hosted by PWC


PwC's Energy Executive Webcast Series provides practical guidance on recent energy issues and developments. Our webcasts, designed for energy executives, keep you informed of new and emerging issues impacting the energy industry, and provide insight into the recent trends and opportunities within the sector.



Why GIS Services are Essential to Your Growth Strategy


Do you spend hours integrating newly acquired data from a lease or propery purchase? Do you miss out on opportunities because you don't have the property data you need to make informed decisions like which plays to enter or where to drill? These pain points can be felt by companies large and small—companies with or without an existing GIS department.


Learn why GIS Services are essential and how they can save you both time and money so that you can focus on the next lease or well opportunity and on really building your business.



Can you easily manage your land data?


As activity in the shale plays continues to grow, so does the amount of land data oil and gas companies need to acquire and manage. Having this data at your fingertips and in a flexible format offers market intelligence that gives you a competitive advantage. Learn how you can better manage your land data.



Revolutionize Your Tobin Map Data


Hart Energy, along with P2 Energy Solutions, will show you how to revolutionize your Tobin Map Data. Today, companies spend hours downloading and compiling data before it becomes usable data for making decisions that drive your business. P2 now offers Tobin Online, which provides easy access to the data you need.



Solving the Top 3 Issues in the Back Office


Would you consider using a hosted solution? Find out what your industry peers are saying about hosted accounting systems.



Are you compliant? How do you know?


Find out how Beyond Compliance can help your company gain cost-effective operational compliance.


Improve Decision Making and Workflow Processes


Leverage IDEAS to make better, more effective and efficient decisions in the global marketplace.

Find out how IDEAS can target delivery of actionable information to all levels of your organization. Better information means better decision making and competitive intelligence.


Leveraging Technology to Thrive in the Global Economy


How can international oil and gas venture management software provide a significant ROI for global projects? Find out how companies benefit from financial consolidation, foreign exchange management and in-country statutory reporting in this 30-minute webinar.


Tobin Online: Fast, Flexible Access to Tobin Data


Tobin Online is a new way to consume Tobin Data - through either your Web browser or through a Web map service. Watch this webinar to see how flexible Tobin Online is, and how it can allow everyone in an oil and gas company to research using map data - not just the GIS department.

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P2 Analytics | Driving Better Analytics



In the last part of our four part series, we look at how P2 Analytics will drive better analysis of your AFE, production and LOS data.


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P2 Analytics | Optimize Production With Visual Reporting



It's time to transform your production reports from spreadsheets into something more actionable. Forget about typical well reports. P2 Analytics for Production can give you the insight to spot which wells are producing the most - and which are costing you cash due to downtime.


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P2 Analytics | Manage your lease operating expenses & maximize revenue



Getting a handle on lease operating expenses can provide key insight into an oil and gas company's efforts to cut costs. Watch this archived webinar and find out how P2 Analytics LOS gives you the knowledge you need to be a budget-conscious hero to your c-suite.


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P2 Analytics | Empower Your Operations with AFE Cost Control and Visibility



Having full visualization into your AFEs allows users to monitor spend and budget amounts accordingly and analyze those items that could negatively impact operations.


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The Top 5 Benefits of Visual Reporting in Oil & Gas


Juggling spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Get up to speed on the power of what visual reporting can do for you.


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The Top 5 Best Practices for Managing Your AFE Workflow



Knowing the difference between your budgeted costs and actual spend can save your company time and money.


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The Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Mapping With Your Land System



Why integrate GIS mapping with your land management software? It's more than a "pretty" way to see your leases.

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Archived Webinars With the Oil and Gas Financial Journal


Is Software as a Service Right for You?

As a newly formed E&P firm, Urban Oil and Gas Group faced many questions when choosing their software delivery model. Attend this webcast to hear why they chose Software as a Service and how it has affected their business. Also, hear advice from a seasoned consultant on how to determine if SaaS is right for you and how to evaluate software hosting providers.

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When to Outsource Your Back Office


Recognize when it may be time to outsource your back office accounting and land administration by viewing an actual case scenario provided by Fairway Resources, LLC. Utilizing outsourcing services, Fairway managed to gain resources, take advantage of shared services and lower their operating costs. Also, hear about the benefits and value that outsourcing provides from the perspective of a certified public accounting firm.

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Software Solutions to Better Manage AFE, JIB and Increase Productivity


It's not uncommon for many emerging oil and gas companies to use spreadsheets or software non-specific to the oil and gas industry to manage their critical business functions. What they don't know is how much money they can save by moving to a more robust system that's accessible online - no infrastructure or software installation is necessary. Watch the webinar now, available on-demand at the Oil and Gas Financial Journal website.


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Visualize Your Assets in Real Time


Find out how you can manage your leases and assets visually, in real-time. Forget about exporting datasets to your GIS solution and creating custom maps. With P2 Energy Solutions' land management software and GIS tools, you can have all the information you need to make quick, strategic decisions at your fingertips. You'll also hear how Forestar Minerals uses integrated land management and GIS tools to save time and money.


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