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Tobin Imagery Products

Tobin began flying aerial photography for the oil and gas industry in 1928, prior to any governmental agency, and generally has the earliest photographs of the Gulf Coast States available. Tobin has accumulated more than 2 million aerial photographs and we acquire many more each year.

The Tobin historical aerial film archive provides reliable and verifiable locations for facilities, apparent boundary evidence and surface conditions over time. This information can help you save time and money, increase productivity and improve communication.

With the Tobin historical aerial file coverage, you may be able to distinguish the following changes that have occurred over time at your project location:

  • Before and after coverage
  • Environmental issues
  • Historical and abandoned wells
  • Land use and land cover
  • Apparent property boundaries and occupancy
  • Senderas
  • Shore lines, rivers, wetlands and erosion
  • Transportation systems

Tobin is prepared to deliver our historical photography in various formats to fit your needs, including hard copy prints and enlargements, scanned and geo-referenced digital imagery and digital image mosaics. Certified prints and enlargements are also available.

Historical Photography by State

Global Planner

Global PlannerĀ® is a consistent and uniform integration of detailed topographic maps and vector data covering the populated land areas of the world.