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Tobin Hard Copy Maps

Tobin Hard Copy Maps include all pertinent legal boundaries, (i.e. land survey, township/range and section lines, block/surveys, sections and abstracts in Texas), state lines, and county lines. Ownership and Lease/Ownership maps also have select roads, pipelines, land/water formations, subdivisions and property ownership as recorded at the time of mapping. Maps are available on paper without reproduction rights, on Mylar film, and as PDFs with limited reproduction rights.

Tobin Traditional Hard Copy Map Products:

  • Original regional base: 1" = 2,000', survey and wells (not current), Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, East Texas and Offshore Gulf of Mexico
  • SuperBase regional base: 1" = 2,000', survey and wells (not current) Texas, South Louisiana
  • Ownership and Lease/Ownership: 1" = 3,000' Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas Districts 1-6, portions of Alabama and Arkansas (leases and wells not current)

Current leases and wells are posted regularly on the ownership base for the most up-to-date, cost-effective maps you can get for select Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma counties.

Tobin Lease Summary Strip Map Products:

  • Lease Summary Maps: 1" = 2,000', 7.5-minute units
  • Lease Strip Maps: 1" = 2,000' x 3' strips for Texas/Louisiana areas
  • Regional Strip Maps: updated quarterly; 1" = 2,000', 7.5-minute x 15-minute Strips for State of Texas (does not include ownership, lease or culture)

You can now purchase Tobin Lease Summary Maps and Tobin Lease Strip Maps online. Visit our P2 Energy Solutions Data On Demand website to view and purchase available Lease Summary and Strip Maps.

Tobin Amman Maps:

  • Survey, wells; not updated; 1" = 2,000' - 1" =8,000'; Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, Eastern, Southeastern and Appalachian states

Tobin Dulin Maps:

  • Survey, ownership, leases, wells; not updated; 1" = 2,000'; California

Tobin F&A Maps:

  • Survey; updated State leases; 1" = 4,000'; South Louisiana, Texas, Louisiana, and Federal Offshore; Also available at 1" = 2,000' (not current)

Tobin Heydrick Maps:

  • Survey, ownership; leases and wells; 1" = 2,000'; select Texas counties (not current)

Tobin Mid-Continent Map Services:

  • Survey, ownership, leases, wells; not updated; 1" = 2,000', 3" = 1 mile; Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi

Tobin Oklahoma Oil Maps:

  • Survey, ownership, leases, wells; not updated; 1" = 4,000'; select Oklahoma counties

Tobin POMCO Maps:

  • Survey, ownership, leases dated early 90’s, wells; not updated; 1" = 2,000' - 1" = 3,000'; Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, New England, Montana, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico


  • Some clients prefer to use hard copy maps instead of, or in addition to, digital survey/lease/ownership data. These may be used to draw the location of wells, leases, properties, pipelines or seismic lines.
  • Our Lease Map Service provides updated hard copy lease maps at various periodic rates.

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