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Pennsylvania wells - Marcellus Shale

Which Well is Where? The Pennsylvania Challenge

There are at least 150,000 active wells in Pennsylvania that are listed with the state. More than 14,000 have been drilled since 2006 alone, many because of the discovery of massive natural gas deposits in the Marcellus Shale. Some estimate there are as many as 184,000 more historic wells that have limited or no documentation, thanks to Pennsylvania's crucial role in American oil and gas production; the first US commercial oil well was drilled here in the mid-1850’s.

Locations of the active wells have been filed with the state of Pennsylvania, and are publically available. But are they correct? See for yourself. Press the buttons below to compare the picture of the well from public to the the picture of the well after our well spotting team's correction.


The Tobin Difference: 430 feet

Tobin has been hand-spotting wells in oil producing regions for decades, the only company to do so. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the spotting process. We have learned that there are many errors associated with “free” public data.

Now that we are applying this quality control process to Pennsylvania well data, we have found the same thing. Even though many of those wells have GPS coordinates, we’re still finding inconsistencies and wells with incorrect locations.

See the Difference For Yourself

Here are two more examples of wells that we have re-spotted in their correct location. Hover over the picture and drag the slider to reveal both the original location and the true location.

All examples are from Greene County, Pennsylvania.


The Tobin Difference: 2,870 feet

This well was originally located in Washington County. In reality, it's in Greene County.


The Tobin Difference: 290 feet

In addition to re-spotting these wells, Tobin has also made other key changes to the public data that will help you manage your well database more efficiently.

  • Standardized header data: All well header data will be standardized with the Tobin well header system. This provides a reliable way to load the data into your systems.
  • Bottom-hole locations: In addition to re-spotting and standardizing the data, we are also adding the bottom hole location of every well, which is not available in the public data.
  • USGS Quads: Because Pennsylvania doesn't have a survey system that's well suited for oil and gas exploration, we are spotting the wells according to a USGS Quadrangle, then a range. We are adding that Quad data as well.
  • Adding elevation data to each well

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