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Well Locations

Tobin's Well Locations data is a comprehensive collection of geographic oil and gas well locations geodetically fit to the Tobin Landgrid and Survey Data, which is a continuous, high-resolution base map. These locations are provided in an unprojected form with true latitude and longitude coordinates.

In addition to the coordinates, the Well Location file includes an expansive attribute file providing such information as API number, operator name, lease name, well number, total depth and status. As with Tobin Landgrid and Survey Data, this data is built to a 1:24K scale, conforming to the national mapping standards.

Tobin SuperBase Well Spot Location Data Example, Duval County, Texas

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P2 Energy Solution's Tobin Map Data group takes great care in spotting these locations. Information is collected weekly from the various state and federal regulatory agencies as well as from contracted collection companies. The information collected is the state or federal permit and/or completion reports with plats that have been filed by operators in preparation for drilling with the agency. Using the Tobin Landgrid and Survey data as a base, Tobin analysts digitally plot the actual footage calls onto the geopolitical map grid. All locations are verified and adjusted based on the most current satellite imagery or orthophotographic maps available, identifying actual well scars on these images to adjust the locations.

Tobin SuperBase Well Spot Location Data Example, Duval County, Texas

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along with other SuperBase data layers.

Well Location Offerings

  • Historical Wells is the actual shelf well location with supporting attribute information for all 2.8 million wells. They may be licensed under a perpetual license for a one-time fee. These wells are licensed by a geographical region whether it is by a state, a county, or a geographically defined area.
  • Well Coordinate Subscription Service is a service where customers may subscribe to ongoing updates to the completion and permit well data in specific geographical areas delivered on a monthly basis. These updates include any corrections, deletions or additions to the existing well record, whether it is adjustments to the coordinate or modifications to the well record (attribute data). Additionally, as part of a subscription, clients receive all new wells spotted in an area subsequent to their licensing of historical well data.
  • Early Location Service (ELS) is the same service as the Well Coordinate Subscription Service except it is delivered on a weekly basis for those customers who need more information, more quickly. For more information, go to the Early Location Service (ELS) page.

Tobin offers a complete coverage of all oil and gas well permits and completions in the offerings described above in all of the primary oil and gas producing regions, and more particularly for the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Well Location Support

Tobin offers continuing and ongoing support for its well location products. This includes addressing client questions and concerns as well as reviewing and re-spotting well locations, if necessary, based on new physical evidence or through the submission of GPS points provided by its customer base. Contact P2 Energy Solutions Tobin Data Support at: 800-678-4743 or at