Qbyte Financial Management

Qbyte Financial Management is a comprehensive financial accounting, management reporting and operations analysis solution designed specifically for the Petroleum Industry.

Qbyte Financial Management is designed to meet your petroleum industry specific accounting and joint venture requirements.

Qbyte Financial Management offers application security, data validation, referential integrity and full audit trail features, which provide you the controls and documentation needed to keep everyone assured that your information is secure and reliable.

Qbyte Financial Management provides easy access to information for everyone in your organization. Our easy point and click reporting application, Qbyte Optix, delivers real time information right to your desktop. From there you can easily print it, share it, drill down for more details or export it to another tool like Excel.

Optix Features:

  • Easy to use, web-based technology
  • Operations and Capital reporting
  • Graphing
  • Drill down to the source of the transaction
  • Financial reporting
  • Excel templating – display the way you want
  • Qbyte Metrix production accounting reporting
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Ad Hoc

Qbyte Financial Management

Qbyte Financial Management features include:

  • Joint interest billings
  • Overhead – fixed rate, sliding scale, variable
  • AFE Suspend Partners
  • Reverse Billed Transactions
  • Mass Ownership Masters Change
  • Cost Allocations – with spreadsheet upload
  • Cutbacks on Demand – net anytime
  • JADE Reporting
  • Automated Inter-Company Entries (Data entry and processes)
  • Multi-currency

IFRS features include:

  • WIP Process to account for Development and Exploration and Evaluation of Mineral Resources
  • DD&A (straight line, declining balance, depletion (Units of production - developed, undeveloped, probable)
  • Hierarchies will facilitate CGU requirements

What ever your size, what ever your plans Qbyte Financial Management fits. All our clients use the same version of the software. So as you grow, your Qbyte software can support you all along the way.

For clients who prefer to outsource the management of their applications, we can optionally host your Qbyte application for you. You get worry-free access over the internet, all the same great features and we manage the technology and data for you.