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Qbyte FDC is a trusted and proven field data capture, reporting, and analytics solution built for Canadian E&P firms of all sizes. Just how trusted? The software that serves as Qbyte FDC’s foundation is used at more than 130 upstream oil and gas companies. Just how proven? The application is used to manage more than 400,000 of North America’s wells. With Qbyte FDC, capturing data in the field, analyzing it, and running allocations just got a whole lot easier.

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One Solution For All Of Your Oil And Gas Needs | Qbyte FDC

One Solution For All Of Your Oil And Gas Needs

Combined with the rest of the Qbyte suite – Metrix, Financial Management, and CS Land – Qbyte FDC provides best-in-class applications for all of your data collection, reporting, and analysis needs. On your journey from the wellhead all the way to the financial and regulatory reporting process, these integrated tools are all you need.

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Meaningful Reports And Business Insights | Qbyte FDC

Meaningful Reports And Business Insights

Qbyte FDC includes reporting and analytics that can be used across the enterprise, from the well-site to the CEO’s office and everywhere in between. These reports enable you to visualize, graph, and analyze production data by well, field, or across all of your assets. You can also use these reports and analytics to evaluate key trends, including:

  • Lost production due to downtime
  • Daily production volumes compared with the 7-day average
  • Trend-operating parameters such as pressure and temperature against production
  • Comparisons showing normalized production histories among wells

You can easily create graphics and grids using any field in the database. Calculations are also supported.

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Simplified Field Data Capture Workflows | Qbyte FDC

Simplified Offline Field Data Capture

Designed with the field operator in mind, Qbyte FDC offers simple battery navigation, graphs, alerts, and color-coded variances, including the daily proration factor, to make data entry and validation a quick, easy, one-time exercise. Working in a low-bandwidth area? No problem. With Qbyte FDC, you can do all of your data collections and validations offline. When you’re reconnected, a quick and easy sync ensures that your data flows on to the head-office reporting and analytics part of the application.

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No Paper Required | Qbyte FDC

No Paper Required

Qbyte FDC is used to capture standard well and battery information like production volumes, well tests, truck tickets, and tank inventories. But it can be used to capture so much more: prescheduled tank inspections, information from safety meetings, plunger cycles, equipment operating parameters, the chemicals used at the site, miscellaneous notes and comments ... you name it. Use Qbyte FDC to capture what you need and refer back to it when you need to – all without a single sheet of paper, spreadsheet, or email involved.

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Low Cost Of Ownership

Qbyte FDC's ability to capture most operational data reduces the need to support multiple systems.

Easy To Learn And Use

Only half a day is needed to train users on how to use the application.

Enhanced Communication

Graphics can be annotated (e.g., broken rod string at 1650m) at any time. These annotations are attached to the underlying data for anyone to view, allowing for multi-person collaboration.

Automatic Field Updates

Deploying updates to the field devices is handled automatically, eliminating the need to touch each device.