P2 Qbyte CS Land

More than 250 Canadian oil and gas companies rely on Qbyte CS Land (formerly CS Explorer) to manage their complex and ever-changing land contracts. Built to manage contract, mineral, joint interest, and surface agreements, Qbyte CS Land's easy data entry, full integration, and ease of access to reporting and data help ensure that nothing gets missed.

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P2 Qbyte CS Land

Mineral Lease Management

CS Land’s Mineral module provides comprehensive tracking and documentation of division of interest, royalty parties, and percentages. Use the Mineral module to track multiple lessors and depositories, process lease rentals and invoices, and store complete acquisition and disposition information. Through the Mineral module, CS Land can handle legal descriptions in all North American survey systems.

Surface Lease Management

Use CS Land’s Surface module to manage all of your company's surface lease agreements, including easements and road use documents. This module lets you maintain company surface obligations and track the current status and history of all construction and reclamation projects. Surface module documents include Crown and Freehold surface leases, Consent of Occupant documents, Easement documents, and Road Use Agreements.

Contract Management

The backbone of CS Land is the Contract module, which maintains all the agreements needed to manage land contracts and shares this information with all modules. The Contract module keeps a complete record of all historic information associated with a contract, including a complete history of all modifications made to division of interest.

Joint Interest

The Joint Interest module provides immediate access of land and joint venture documents to land, accounting, and operations personnel through facility and service agreement templates. This ensures that all departments use one source of data, eliminating duplicate information and enhancing data consistency and integrity.


The Wells module is the central repository for all well information. Because it is tightly integrated with the other CS Land modules, the Wells module contains all related information for each well, including mineral leases and contracts. It also generates an abstract that provides a wide array of information to the production accounting department, including related well royalties and accounting overheads.

Easy Access to Information

Optix for Qbtye CS Land is a powerful, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use web-based reporting application. With many oil-and-gas-specific reports, Optix is ready to go right out of the box. Use the solution to schedule, group and share your reports with the rest of your organization, and analyze your data with drilldowns to source data. Optix also has an ad-hoc reporting tool that lets you access the data directly so you can respond to stakeholder questions, audit queries, and data analysis.



No matter your company's size, no matter its plans, CS Land stands ready.

On Premise or Online

CS Land can be installed on-premise or hosted online by our experienced database team.

Audit, Control & Security

CS Land includes full before-record capture, validation at data entry, full integration, role-based security, and source document attachments.

Trust & Expertise

CS Land is the most widely used land system in the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry, so hiring knowledgeable staff to manage your land obligations isn't something you need to worry about.

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