P2 Qbyte

P2 Energy Solutions has unparalleled insight into the unique business processes that Canadian upstream oil and gas companies encounter. Qbyte is the premier accounting, production accounting, and land management solution for Canadian energy companies. Leveraging 25+ years of expertise, Qbyte offers a suite of solutions to elevate efficiencies and productivity relevant to every key oil and gas activity.


Qbyte Financial Management

Whatever your size, whatever your plans, Qbyte Financial Management fits. Qbyte Financial Management meets your petroleum industry-specific accounting, joint venture requirements, and reporting needs.

Qbyte Optix

Qbyte Optix is a state of the art reporting and data access tool that allows all key stakeholders direct access to the information they need.

Qbyte Metrix

Metrix supports the Canadian Oil and Gas industry requirements for production, revenue, royalty, and regulatory reporting. The design enables productivity advantages and greater efficiencies for both experienced and new production accountants.

Qbyte CS Land

Qbyte CS Land tracks and manages your critical land and ownership data that is trusted and valued by the entire organization. Minimize your risk and improving your return on investment.

Qbyte Optix For All 3 Applications

Qbyte Optix is available for all your back-office reporting needs. The solution has always been available for Qbyte Financial Management and Qbyte Metrix, and in 2014 it was released for Qbyte CS Land. Qbyte Optix provides oil-and-gas-specific, presentation-ready reports with flexibility to view what you want, the way you want. Drill-down analysis enables you to navigate to the source transaction, master, or document so you can understand and analyze your business.


Purpose Built

Qbyte modules are tailored for Canadian oil and gas accounting, production revenue accounting and land management.


Qbyte accounting and reporting functionality adapts to industry changes and individual preferences.

Lower TCO

Online products provide a subscription-based, pay as you go business model that helps control costs.