P2 Verify

Data Collection, Validation, Approval and Publication P2 Verify is a web-based solution for operations personnel to collect (automatically or manually), validate, approve, and publish operational data. Configurable approval workflows ensure the correct people review and approve data before it is submitted for use in other applications, which increases data integrity and enables better, more informed decisions to be made across the operation.

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P2 Verify


Data Capture

Supports automatic and manual data capture

Error Identification

Highlight erroneous data and stop submission if mandatory data has not been captured. 

Approval Workflows

Configurable and secure approval workflows with automatic email notification. 

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Supports distributed and centralised architecture 

Trigger Execution

Trigger execution of external processes such as production allocations and report creation when a certain stage in the workflow is reached. [Should be 50-75 Words]

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Full audit trail


Data Collection

Automatic collection of data minimises operator time and reduces errors associated with manual data entry


Data Integrity

Validation of data at the source and approval workflow increases data integrity


Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive interface simplifies the data capture, validation, and approval process


Time- aware layout version control ensures historical data capture interfaces are retained