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Land Lease Records

The Excalibur Land Lease Records (LLR) system is a comprehensive lease records and land management database that can be used independently or fully integrated with other Excalibur systems to provide a complete oil and gas reporting and maintenance system. This integrated land system also provides the ability to convert documents into images using a popular document-imaging tool and programmatically indexing the images to Excalibur data.

Lease Formatting

  • Variable length, free of formatting, alphanumeric lease numbering and lease level and lease/tract level detailed information.
  • User-defined code files for lease type, lease status, prospect and activity.
  • Unlimited free-form text field for associating lease and tract level legal descriptions to a lease and for associating remarks to leases, tracts, wells and contracts.
  • The use of a remarks utility for establishing obligations associated to leases, tracts, wells and contracts based on calendar date.

Lease Tracting

  • Supports relational tracting concept. Designed to incorporate tracts that are an exclusive representation of a geographical parcel of land, including representations of individual subsurface horizons.
  • Provides for maintaining detailed tract level leasehold data including, but not limited to, variations in mineral ownership, leasehold ownership, leasehold burdens, burden relationships and unit dedicated lands.
  • Associates parcels of land to usage. Provides functional inquiry of leases, wells and contracts associated with a tract, as well as a comprehensive display of the number of land records using a tract.

Acreage Reporting

  • Calculates and maintains net and gross acres by tracts.
  • Monitors and inputs acreage on a tract basis and summarizes it by lease.
  • Breaks out between developed and undeveloped acreage with federal acreage reporting.
  • Provides for definition of overlapping acreage on partial interest leases so gross acres are not overstated in reporting.
  • Supports complete unit tracting with leasehold acreage contributions and unit lease.

LLR Maintenance

  • Delay rental and shut-in payment processing supports:
    • Complete delay rental and shut-in payment processing generates the appropriate:
      • Accounting ledger entries
      • Payments ledger entries
      • Payments
      • Invoices through system integration with Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Accounts Receivable systems
    • Remittance of delay rentals and shut-ins directly to individuals, companies, or depository banks, automatically incorporating bank charges into the payment
    • Multiple lease/tract payment processing under a lease, rolling together and creating a single payment to each leasehold payee
  • Mass data processing supports:
    • Modifying lease and well data fields including, but not limited to:
      • Status
      • Prospect designation
      • Activity
      • Working interest
      • Mineral interest
      • Royalty interest
      • Overriding royalty interest
      • Adding remarks
    • Copying all or a portion of lease/tract detail information from lease/tract to lease/tract, and copying complete leasehold data from one internal company to another
  • Well maintenance supports:
    • Interfaces to the Land Division Order entitlement system to pull insider interest to avoid redundancy in data entry/maintenance
    • The ability to point individual common ownership wells to unit wells, allowing revenue to continue to book on an individual well basis, but utilize single unit well DOI(s) and avoid redundant data entry and maintenance