Enterprise energy management solutions for E&P companies


Lease Operating Statements

Enterprise Upstream Lease Operating Statements (LOS) allows companies to quickly identify operational performance at various levels within their organization. With Enterprise Upstream LOS, you can easily track performance at any level within your operational hierarchy for a 12-month period as well as customizable intervals such as quarterly comparisons. You can also run trend reports showing when costs or revenue was booked versus incurred. By using the customizable reporting within the LOS application, you can substantially reduce your cost of operations through improved information processing and data analysis throughout your entire organization.

The Enterprise Upstream LOS application is a robust reporting solution, allowing customers to easily report their operational positions. Users create categories for reporting which can be as detailed or summarized as required. Users can then drill down through a category to the individual accounts covered and then further to the actual properties with activity. Integrating LOS with the P2 3D Solution allows users to drill further into the detailed transactional data via user defined layouts which are fully exportable to Excel.

The Enterprise Upstream LOS application also provides integrated solutions that leverage Internet computing. Connecting your remote users and partners requires an easy-to-use, low-cost Internet browser. All applications and information are centrally stored and maintained, eliminating the need for costly information technology infrastructure in remote locations.

Enterprise Upstream LOS, JVA and Revenue

  • Fully integrated with Enterprise Upstream Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)
  • Gross costs extracted from JVA module
  • Net costs extracted from JVA module
  • Fully integrated with Enteprise Upstream Revenue
  • Gross entitlement value and volume
  • Net value and volume
  • Fully integrated with Oracle General Ledger
  • Non-billable net transactions extracted from Oracle General Ledger
  • Synchronization with chart of accounts
  • Ability to query non-billable asset and liability information
  • Fully integrated with P2 3D (data drill down)

Flexible Report Layout

  • Define multiple reports
  • Define multiple equation groupings
  • Define multiple report layouts
  • Default report layout included for quick start-up
  • Ability to create calculations within and across columns

Detailed Reporting

  • Ability to report gross and net amounts Ability to report by accounting date and activity date
  • Ability to report trends by accounting or activity dates
  • Ability to plug-in external user-defined data such as budgets for reporting
  • Ability to perform prior year comparisons
  • Ability to select one or more categories or accounts and display them in chart format

Hierarchy-based Reporting

  • User-defined levels of reporting
  • Display detail or summary data as needed
  • Gross or net amounts available at all levels of hierarchy

Data Availability