Workplace Incident Tracking System (WITS) module allows you to accurately identify, analyze and track all incidents and near misses, including injuries, equipment or vehicle damage, environmental infractions, community exposures, process and security incidents.

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Incident Tracking & Reporting

Complementing the paper-based processes you still use to gather incident details, Incident Tracking & Reporting gives you the flexibility to tailor reporting forms to match your operations as well as each person’s role. You need to understand what happened and how to prevent any similar incidents from occurring again. Incident Tracking & Reporting helps make that happen.

Root Cause Analysis

By categorizing your history of Incidents and Near Misses on a common hierarchy and severity matrix, your organization can begin to learn from the past and proactively deal with patterns. Our methodology involves choosing root cause classifications from a hierarchy configured for your organization.

Corrective Action Follow Up

Some incidents warrant their own set of cause and root cause analysis, and can drive specific recommendations and actions. Actions & Preventions provides an easy to use tool for generating permanent records of created and assigned actions and recommendations.

Trending & KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measures of performance that help you better understand your progress toward defined goals. Using a dashboard of KPI information, you're able to monitor health and safety programs and obtain advance warnings of system weaknesses – before a tragedy occurs. 

Beyond Compliance Modules

We’ve rolled so much functionality – directly aligned to your daily responsibilities – into Beyond Compliance. Delivered online, Beyond Compliance optimizes field operations management and data collection to enable many areas of your enterprise more efficient, in addition to teams focused on environment, health, safety, and quality.