SkillsTRAK helps you define critical procedures to ensure work is performed safely. Along with optimizing employee safety and knowledge, SkillsTRAK makes it easier to orient new employees, make sure your personnel can competently operate to documented standards, and define individual job tasks.

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Make Best Practices For Compliance Easy. SkillsTRAK provides administrators and employees with easy access to job tasks and procedure descriptions, progressive training requirements, performance assessments, and site-specific procedure and job skill development tools.


Task Inventory

Dividing tasks into logical groups of skill sets enables you to easily retrieve information and competency status, then focus training initiatives pertaining to those areas. Task Inventory also acts as a simple profiler, a customizable progression planning tool that assigns appropriate tasks and training.

Procedure Development

Building on the inventory of critical tasks, Procedure Development equips your organization’s senior supervisors with the means to perform Task Hazard Assessments and quickly gauge which tasks should be top priority.

Hazardous Task Assessments

The essential steps of assessing all operations in the workplace to identify key hazards associated with tasks, and then assessing and mitigating the risks, are critical to eliminating injuries and costly workplace incidents. Hazardous Task Assessments (HTA) supports a team-based process for thorough analysis of a given task to identify hazards, estimate risk, determine appropriate controls and assign responsibility for identified controls.

Worker Evaluations

Create job position profiles that link competencies to positions. Utilizing the task, training, quizzes and soft skill inventories you have set up for your organization, you can assure that each person understands their tasks and has the training and soft skills essential to their personal safety and the safety of their coworkers.

Competency Assessments

Your organization and its people need to continually develop the skills and knowledge necessary to perform each role in the organization. Competency Assessment provides a methodology for you to properly prepare each person for the requirements of their particular job, and fully understand procedures to stay safe and track job performance.

Worker Progression

SkillsTRAK enables your organization to construct a clear-cut plan for your employees to progress from one job level to the next as they complete their competency requirements and training. MySkills provides each user with a dashboard of their progression in their current position and enables them to see what’s required to progress to the next level.

Beyond Compliance Modules

We’ve rolled so much functionality – directly aligned to your daily responsibilities – into Beyond Compliance. Delivered online, Beyond Compliance optimizes field operations management and data collection to enable many areas of your enterprise more efficient, in addition to teams focused on environment, health, safety, and quality.