Integrated Compliance Management System


Management of Change Software

Are changes initiated in the field effectively communicated and managed throughout your company?

The MOC module centralizes and organizes your company’s process for change management. It streamlines the manner in which changes are identified and reviewed across the organization, reducing the likelihood of negative impacts and significantly reducing unscheduled downtime from operational changes.

MOC allows you to create predefined change management templates for each type of change based on your existing company protocol. The process then allows centralized control for all relevant documents and tasks.  Email notification is triggered when tasks and approvals are required or overdue.

What You Achieve

Implementing our MOC workflow solution will allow you to cost effectively:

  • Establish rules, procedures and guidelines for change process standardization
  • Create flexible role assignments including Change Initiator, Developer, Implementer, Department Head, Coordinator, and Approver
  • Capture relevant change data from the initiator
  • Invoke a specific change template to capture key elements
  • Allow access, review and approval by all necessary stakeholders
  • Audit the entire process