Field inspections. Operations data capture. Asset management. Plant optimization. More data flows across the upstream oil and gas enterprise than ever before. FieldTRAK data capture software replaces many ad-hoc or paper-based checklists and audits, converting them into a fully enabled, electronic data collection process, complete with automatic report generation and identification of non-compliant (or unsatisfactory) results. FieldTrak integrates with Compliance Manager, our workflow engine, to optimize operations data collection and deficiency reporting.

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Accurate Real-Time Data Across All Operations. FieldTRAK helps to improve productivity for your teams in the field, as well as all office support or decision-making personnel. In addition to reducing data input errors and data collection time, FieldTRAK’s real-time data handling features keeps all stakeholders informed and better prepared to correct compliance issues.


Compliance Calendar

An interactive calendar that provides authorized stakeholders a dashboard view of open compliance activities, descriptions of upcoming events, notification of overdue events, and links to the relevant support information. Templates for compliance events which can incorporate specific company requirements (for example: due date, notification period, actions required, etc.) are also part of Compliance Calendar’s features.

Controlled Data Entry Forms

Manual data entry is the bane of any organization's data integrity. Limit data entry errors with controlled data entry forms to ensure you collect the information you're looking for in a standarized format that is easily digestable by your environment, health, and safety team. Controlled data entry forms get your field workers in sync with your environment, health, and safety goals, no matter how large your organization is.

Auto Dispatched Actions

A deficiency management tool that provides visibility to outstanding Actions, FieldTRAK ensures that critical issues are addressed in a timely fashion. Creating a full audit trail, Actions simplify compliance; by completing all open Actions raised by inspection forms, incident investigations, and training renewals, you can demonstrate compliance with the related regulations.

Document Library

An invaluable knowledge center populated by users across an organization. A document management repository dedicated to environment, health, and safety, enabling easy access to the latest version of procedures, reports, standards, policies, or whatever your department needs to present to the organization.

Beyond Compliance Modules

We’ve rolled so much functionality – directly aligned to your daily responsibilities – into Beyond Compliance. Delivered online, Beyond Compliance optimizes field operations management and data collection to enable many areas of your enterprise more efficient, in addition to teams focused on environment, health, safety, and quality.