One central repository, globally accessible, for all of your corporate standard and ad-hoc audit protocol forms. That’s what Beyond Compliance Audit is specifically built for. An online tool, Audit enables you to configure and monitor self-assessment programs using custom audit guides, mine data for answers, deliver auditor resources, and define the roles and activities that are involved in an audit or self-assessment workflow.


Better Manage Your Management Systems. Building on FieldTRAK’s proven technology for managing field inspections, our web-enabled solution allows you to perform any type of corporate audit.


Powerful reporting provides a dashboard for audit and self-assessment results, allowing sponsors to focus on a single finding or trends over multiple years. With these reports, you can compare business units against their peers to drive out gap closure plans and pinpoint best practices to emulate.

Capture & Track Corrective Actions

Audits can involve a single auditor working for an hour or a team working on-site for weeks. Audit captures multiple findings per question, links corrective actions to those findings, assigns them to owners or business unit, tracks the progress on each individual action item, and creates anywhere, anytime reviews of action items during the next engagement at that location.

Beyond Compliance Modules

We’ve rolled so much functionality – directly aligned to your daily responsibilities – into Beyond Compliance. Delivered online, Beyond Compliance optimizes field operations management and data collection to enable many areas of your enterprise more efficient, in addition to teams focused on environment, health, safety, and quality.