Exception-Based Surveillance: How to Scale Your Best Engineers

Exception-Based Surveillance: How to Scale Your Best Engineers

How do we scale our best engineers? That’s a question a lot of upstream oil and gas companies are grappling with today. Why? Because fewer engineers are now responsible for more wells, there’s a skills shortage, and spreadsheet processes have become much too time-consuming. Scaling, therefore, is key.

In this webinar, Grant Eggleton, P2’s Vice President of Production Operations, will discuss self-service asset surveillance and how its associated processes are helping companies run smarter operations. With these processes in place, teams can:

  • Automate important engineering tasks, enabling them to do more with less.
  • Perform frequent surveillance activities and direct their attention to the right issues at the right time.
  • Perform more comprehensive diagnostics and uncover the smallest of production anomalies.

Exception-Based Surveillance: How to Scale Your Best Engineers

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